READ: Psalm 68, Ezekiel 37-39, Mark 12, 1 Corinthians 3 THE SPIRIT OF HOPE To live dead is to live in hope and to live very much alive. Those that die to self do so joyously for they believe that “captivity will [one day] be led captive” (Psalm 68:18). The second coming of Jesus is referred…

READ: 2 Chronicles 34-36, Psalm 138, Luke 5, 1 Peter 5 THE END IS NEAR Josiah reigns in Judah and ushers in radical reforms. He attacks idolatry with fury: breaks, cuts down, makes into dust, scatters, burns, breaks down, beats into powder, cuts down, with swords, all relics, people, and rituals associated with pagan worship (2 Chron….

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