At the Third World Missions Congress in Mexico, Dick Brogden and some of his international team leaders from Paraguay, Malawi, the Philippines, and Sudan share what it means to be surrendered to Jesus in frontier missions.

Dick Brogden shares on the worth of Jesus during the missions service at the District Council of Peninsular Florida.

Nothing compares to the presence of God. Missions begins with the question of God’s glory. God is dedicated to being glorified throughout the entire world because He, and He alone, can satisfy the human soul.

The most important questions in mission are these: Where does the Church not exist? Where has the gospel not been proclaimed? What are we going to do about it? The Live Dead initiative began in an effort to answer these questions.

Do you want to be like Jesus? Is there something deep within you that longs to be like Him? In this sermon Dick Brogden shares about the blessing of hunger, poverty, limitations, unanswered prayer, fatigue, simplicity, suffering, and death.

In the Arab World, and in missions in general, so much is out of our control. Dick Brogden reviews Psalm 27 and how it points out what is in our control and how by God’s help we can be proactive in mission and Christian service.

Dick Brodgen wraps up Abiding in Praxis with an exposition of the three branches mentioned in John 15:1-6.

The 14-point Spiritual Theory of Abiding (explained in the podcast “Abiding in 14 Points”) is simplified to the acrostic A.B.I.D.E.S. (All Day, Blocks of Time, In the Word and Prayer, Discipline, Everyone, Strategy). Dick Brogden examines the abiding praxis of seven significant missionaries to the Arab World in light of this theory.

Between 1880 and 1920 several influential missionary pioneers worked in Muslim North Africa. Daniel Comboni (Catholic), Oswald Chambers (YMCA/Pentecostal League), Samuel Zwemer (Presbyterian), Temple Gairdner and Douglas Thornton (Anglicans), Lilias Trotter (Algerian Mission Band), and Lillian Trasher (Assemblies of God). In this podcast Dick Brogden gives short biographical reviews of their lives as they pertain to…

Dick Brodgen shares from the Gospel of John 12: 20 – 26, “I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the sil and dies, it remains alone.  But its death will produce many new kernels – a plentiful harvest of new lives.”

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