We took a look at some year-end stats from friends doing media ministry in North Africa. Here is what stood out:

From an initial wide sowing of 200,000 (135,000 visits to Facebook and another 63,000 to the web), they established 3,027 contacts.

A return of about 1.5 percent.

From that 3,027, they met 196 persons face-to-face.

A return of about 6 percent (or from the original interest, 0.1 percent).

From the 196 face-to-face meetings, 31 came to Jesus and were baptized. Hallelujah!

Sixteen percent of those they met face-to-face were saved (or from the original interest, two-hundredths of one percent).

These in turn led to three house churches

In other words, for 31 salvations and three house churches, there was a “yield” of two-hundredths of one percent on the initial wide sowing!


– Let us not grow weary in the wide sowing of the gospel.

– Let us understand that many are called, few are chosen.

– Let us use the power of media to find those the Lord has called and chosen.

– Let us actively do the ground work of these face-to-face, life-on-life meetings with those who are hungry.

– Let us continue to believe and rejoice that MORE than 30 can be saved and MORE than three churches can be started by each of our church planting teams each year. Let us pray, expect, and work towards this fruit.

It is my hope and desire that all of our church planting teams can increasingly harness the power of media to find those the Lord is working on, to find those hungry. Media cannot disciple effectively, but it can serve as an effective evangelistic funnel to help us find those seeking help to follow Jesus.

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