After multiple tours in Iraq dating back to 2004, after losing his entire squad to combat and suicide, he returned to the States full of skepticism and anger, and a view that the words “Arab” and “terrorist” were synonymous. But through a missionary church service, the Holy Spirit touched his heart. He and his wife moved to the West Bank where they served local families through education and entered into real relationships with Arab families.

Those relationships changed everything.

Living in the Middle East, he saw up close the richness of Christian heritage and the unique difference that a true Christian community can make when it opens its arms and hearts to all. With that new understanding, he began to develop partnerships inside the Arab community but realized his need to master the Arabic language and gain a deeper understanding of culture.

Now his family is in full-time training so they can walk out their call to build the Church, help the hurting, and boldly proclaim the love of Christ.

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