Local prisons are crowded and conditions, extremely challenging. Yet, a group of Christian Arabs regularly visit these prisons and conduct Bible studies, pray with inmates, and give clothing and other useful items. One of these brothers shared an recent encounter from a prison visit…

The guard brought me into a large courtyard with nearly 300 men, nearly all of them were ultra-conservative radical Muslims. When they saw me enter with my Bible, they began to chant: “Allahu akbar!” They ridiculed me as an “infidel.” I was stunned when the prison guard escorting me turned and ran from the courtyard, shutting the door and leaving me alone with the advancing throng. My first thought was, “These guys will hold me hostage. I am all alone.” But in that instant, I raised my hand and said in a loud voice, “In the name of Jesus, silence!”

Instantly the jeering crowd quieted and after a few moments of silence, the incredulous guard cracked open the door and peeked in, asking, “What did you say to them?” I replied, “My God is with me even in the lion’s den.” That day we had many open doors and were able to speak freely with the prisoners, pray with some, and give others clothing, saying, “We love you as the Messiah has taught us to.”

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