“What have you been learning from the Gospels, Salamat?”

“I just read about how Abraham died on the cross and rose from the dead.”

Zoumi struggled to cut in as he recovered from laughing: “Don’t worry! I am teaching him well; he’s just not good with names.”

This conversation ranks as my most joyful of my three years in North Africa.

Since his dramatic conversion during Ramadan, Zoumi has kept me busy. He visits regularly to pray, worship, and study God’s Word. He keeps one Bible in his hand for reading and another in his backpack for giving away. His days are hard as he recovers from losing his job for sharing the gospel and from being pushed out of his family for his strange new beliefs and practices. But his smile only widens as he finds more and more people that want to hear and believe the story of Jesus that he loves to tell.

I don’t think Zoumi knows he is special. He doesn’t realize he is unique and anointed. He doesn’t understand that what he is doing is groundbreaking, dangerous, and beautiful.

I now know that when my doorbell rings in the middle of the night, Zoumi is signaling me to walk across the street to the park where I will find him sitting in the grass with a grin and a friend.

“This one believed the story of Jesus, too. What should we do with him?”

I am overwhelmed, but he is at peace. I am in shock, but he is steady. We are both learning to follow Jesus right now. I strongly believe this is happening now because this is what we have been praying for! Please stick with me in prayer.

Pray that God would give Zoumi favor and wisdom as he continues to preach the gospel, and pray that God would give me and Zoumi favor and wisdom as we begin to gather those that have decided to follow Jesus.

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