Recently, some team members prayed for ways to connect with the neighbors in their apartment building. They knew people lived in the same building, but they rarely saw anyone and so had a difficult time making connections. Until one evening, Daniel took the elevator up to their fourth-floor apartment. The electricity in the building went out, stopping the elevator between floors.

It was 9:30 p.m., and Daniel’s wife would not be able to pull him out by herself. Without being asked, many of their neighbors came to help. They were able to pull Daniel out and reassure his wife with a cup of tea. Daniel was only stuck for thirty minutes (thankfully!), but meeting and relying on their neighbors gave the couple an opportunity to finally connect with them.

God will always find a way for His will. Since then, this couple has had many conversations with their neighbors and have been creating relationships.

Let’s rejoice in the unique ways God opens elevator doors, apartment doors, and doors to the hearts of our Arab friends.

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