At a recent prayer meeting, we prayed for the country of Yemen. As we prayed, I saw the border between Yemen and Oman. It was crowded with people. There were hundreds, even thousands of people waiting to cross the border. I thought with all the turmoil happening in Yemen, that these people were waiting to get out of the country, but they were not—they were waiting to get INTO Yemen. They just stood there at the border standing, praying, and waiting.

I saw workers who had been kicked out of the country and were waiting to return. I saw new Omani believers waiting to enter. I saw Yemeni people who had escaped to nearby Salalah, Oman, and having encountered Jesus through the team in the city were now waiting to re-enter their own country. It was as if there was a tidal wave rising at the border waiting to be released to flood the country of Yemen with the Spirit of God and the gospel of Jesus.

Yes, Lord, let it be! Pray with us today for this border-wave of people. Jesus, we pray for Omani and Yemeni peoples to say yes to You and to boldly take Your gospel message to their families and neighbors in the country of Yemen. Empower the teams of workers in Oman to share Your gospel in power and let the seeds of Your Word fall on good soil.

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