We were simply having a great time with Fatima* and Aisha.* We had enjoyed a meal in their home, lots of laughs, and good conversation. And as the visit went on, more women arrived (it was just women, including me and a friend), and as the night went on, the conversation naturally turned to religion. The women began by nicely trying to convince us of their belief. As their volume increased, my like-minded friend lightened the mood and honored them even as we witnessed to them. No battles were won that evening, but we pray for the seeds that were planted.

We took two things away from that visit: (1) we were so thankful to have the Arabic capacity we did in order to share our hearts as much as possible, and (2) we were once again challenged to dive deeper and work harder at learning Arabic.

Join us as we pray for the seeds sown in the beautiful women of this Arab world city.

*Names changed

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