Last night we visited our friend Eissan and his family. They live close by. My teammate John had spent time with him before, but it was my first time meeting him. The night was going really well, but here and there Eissan’s son Ahmed kept crying. I asked Eissan, “Is your son okay?” Eissan told us, “Yes, he is. He just always cries in his dreams at night.” We continued our conversation, yet time and time again, we would hear his son cry in the background.

Eventually John asked Eissan in Arabic, “Can I pray for your son?” He agreed and went and picked up his son and brought him over to the living room. John laid his hand on the boy’s head and started to pray in Arabic while the boy was in his father’s arms.

“Thank you, Lord, for Ahmed! Give him peace in his heart. Give him peace tonight. In Jesus’ name, amen!”

In the few words that John used to pray in Arabic, I felt his prayer was a deep, intimate, sincere request. It felt as if compassion and love were tangible in the room. The prayer touched me deeply. At the end, I was even more touched to see Eissan in tears, and I could sense John’s prayer touched something to Eissan’s soul.

Thank you, Jesus, for this friendship with Eissan. Pray with us that this simple prayer for a son opens the door for a father to hear about and meet his heavenly Father.

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