The church in Tanta in the Nile Delta region north of Cairo where 27 worshipers lost their lives today in a bombing on Palm Sunday

St. Mark’s in Alexandria, Egypt where at least 16 were killed by a suicide bomber this morning (injuries from both incidents totaled 119)

The whole Egyptian nation grieves including the family of the brave Muslim police officer who was killed while trying to stop the suicide bomber from entering the church.

Faithful Egyptian Christians have suffered at the hands of persecutors all the way back to Diocletian (280s AD) and before. Have there ever been a people who have responded with such grace, patience, and forbearance?

All over this world, men and women suffer for Jesus, just for bearing His name. They bear His marks on their bodies and in their churches. Today palm leaves and blood lay together on the floor.

But it is not the end of the story, is it? Even for Jesus, Palm Sunday led to bloody Friday.

Because Jesus is worth it, because this world is not our home, because one day the King will come to wipe away every tear and banish all terror, we press on, not dismayed but in hope.

The people of God are enduringly resilient because we of all peoples in time and history know that RESURRECTION IS COMING!

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