This is the story of a Muslim refugee from Sudan who recently came to faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior in Egypt.

A Muslim refugee from Sudan recently came to faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior in Egypt. Y. visited a church to pray. While there, the people at the church asked for his ID. He showed them his passport, but when they saw that his last name is Mohammad—which made them afraid—they took him to the police station.

At the station, the police asked him question after question about his identity as they tried to figure out his story. Eventually, they put him in jail before taking him to the high security office where they interrogated him for eight hours. After they finished, they returned him to jail before interrogating him a second time at the high security office. After that, it was back to police station, followed by trips to the visa office to check his visa. After a second trip to the visa office, he was told to leave because his stay permit expired.

Friends of Y. engaged a lawyer to try and help him travel to another African country. The lawyer paid a visit to Y. in prison and returned carrying his bloody shirt. The lawyer said to his friends:

“Please tell Y. to stop sharing his faith in prison. They keep beating him for opening his mouth and talking about the gospel. Here is his bloody shirt. He won’t stop speaking!”

It’s sad that Christian brothers turned their backs on this new believer in fear, but how grand it is that this new believer in faith gladly offers his body to be beaten for Jesus’ sake. When Jesus comes, may He find such faith in us!

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