By an Arab World Team Member

Often times I become discouraged and wonder if anything is happening in the lives of the people with whom we share Jesus. But then God surprises me, and all I can do is bow down and praise Him. He is the Lord of the harvest and He is at work.

One such time, I was at a sandwich stand where a guy tried to persuade me to read the Qur’an, explaining that if I did, I would likely become a Muslim. I explained that I already read it and that I remained convinced that Jesus’ sacrifice is the only way to receive forgiveness. I then challenged him to take his own challenge and read the Bible for himself. He left in a grumpy mood.

After finishing my sandwiches, the sandwich man asked me, “When are you getting me a book?”

Missing the context of his question, I asked him what book he wanted: “Would you like me to get you an English book to help you with your English?”

“No,” he said. “I want the Bible. When can you get me one?”

The sandwich man now has a Bible and we plan to meet and discuss it soon.

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