To fast reading means to give up extra books, magazines, blogs, printed news, and inspirational material in order to read more Scripture. (It’s probably best to keep up with necessary work, school and ministry-related reading as well.)

Fasting the reading of good things allows us to feast on more reading and memorizing of Scripture. As we saturate ourselves in God’s written Word and intentionally silence or mitigate other voices (even Christian ones), it prepares our Spirit to hear clearly what God is saying to us.

A reading fast helps place the written Word of God in the center of our thinking and meditation. It helps us think God’s thoughts about Him. It helps turn our attention and imagination to the Living Word. A focus on Scripture (in both reading and memorization) reminds us of truth and re-establishes the standard by which we judge all other writing and thinking.

This is a call to read a lot more Scripture.

NOTE: Feel free to participate with us in these fasts for part or all of the indicated month. Prayerfully select the fasts appropriate to your spiritual walk and stage of life and abstain from others. We hold a disciplined yet non-legalistic approach to fasting. Sometimes circumstances and relationships do not allow us to keep the letter of the scheduled fast. In that case we feast joyously knowing that fasting and feasting are complementary.

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