A words fast avoids unnecessary speech while retaining encouragement and exhortation of our children and a minimum amount of communication in work and ministry environments.

Some ways to fast:

EXTROVERTS: If you are an extrovert, have a proclivity towards gossip or aimless chatter, refer to yourself too often in conversation, you may want to take a vow of silence. This vow should allow you to be civil and gracious in work and family environments, while remaining reserved in speech for stretches or days.

You may want to consider a personal pronoun fast (both in speech and writing) where for a whole month you attempt to refrain from saying “I,” “me,” “my,” or “mine.” This type of fast leads you to feast on God as the center of all things and others as more important than yourself.

INTROVERTS: Perhaps you are an introvert and what you actually need to fast is your silence. Perhaps you need to make a commitment that every day you are going to speak some words of encouragement to another person, or every day you are going to talk about Jesus with at least one friend, neighbor, coworker, or stranger.

CROSS-CULTURALLY: One great way to apply this fast overseas is to give up your native tongue for this month and only speak in the language of your adopted country.

By giving up our words (or our silence), it helps us feast on the words of others, particularly the words of Jesus.

Some people need to stop talking about themselves.

NOTE: Feel free to participate with us in these fasts for part or all of the indicated month. Prayerfully select the fasts appropriate to your spiritual walk and stage of life and abstain from others. We hold a disciplined yet non-legalistic approach to fasting. Sometimes circumstances and relationships do not allow us to keep the letter of the scheduled fast. In that case we feast joyously knowing that fasting and feasting are complementary.

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