A testimony from a team in North Africa:


This past month a young lady came into our English club. I didn’t know much about her, but I heard the Spirit inside me say, “She is ready for me. She is ready for the truth.” So that week my friend and I met her for lunch. The Holy Spirit spoke to me again,

“Today she will say yes to Jesus.” I thought to myself, “Wait, today? Lord, how?”

I asked our new friend to tell us her story. It was powerful. Twenty years ago, at 10-years-old, Jesus revealed himself to her in a dream, but she kept it to herself. As the years passed, she began to recognize that Islam was full of hate—she even stopped calling herself a Muslim. She sought something more and started asking God, “Who are you? I want to know You more.”

My roommate and I told her about the love of Jesus as we shared the gospel. In our apartment, we opened to the Gospel of John and she read the entire thing in Arabic. She couldn’t put it down and she barely had any questions as if she understood everything. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

As she read, she said things like, “Jesus loved everyone. He loved women. He forgave. He loved those who hated Him. He can set me free. I don’t have to live in bondage. He prayed for me. He did that all for us! This is beautiful!”

The Word of God came to life in a mighty way. She wanted it. She knew it was the only way and was ready for it. Right there without any questions she confessed that Jesus came and died. But it didn’t stop there—she believed that He rose from the dead and she wanted the free gift of eternal life! She prayed a prayer and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She believes that following Jesus is worth it and that He is the only way. She couldn’t believe that all of heaven was rejoicing because of her decision. She couldn’t stop laughing—she experienced true joy.

We are walking through a discipleship Bible study with her and it’s evident that inner growth is taking place. The Word of God is changing her life and she has a desire to feel courageous enough to share about her new life with Jesus. As we study the Old Testament, she is amazed that even from the beginning Jesus was always there. Isn’t that amazing?

As I watch and listen to her dive into Scripture, I am in awe. Her desire and courage truly move my heart.

I daily long to read Scripture the way my new friend in Christ does—she understands the risks yet believes Jesus is worth it.

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