University students join our teams for internships, study abroad opportunities, and other educational initiatives. One such student (we’ll call him Jack) recently joined the training team in Egypt as part of our four-month semester abroad program. Jack is a bright young man with a huge desire to show the love of Jesus to Muslims.

The stress of learning culture and language alongside his academics began to get to him, so his team leaders gave him an assignment—find a place to go that was his “spot” so he could engage and bond with the local people and culture.

He soon found a very local place where a lot of Egyptian guys hang out and spend time drinking tea. With the encouragement and example of his teammates, he grew bolder and began to share about Jesus more and more frequently.

By the end of his time in the country, he would sit down at the place and people automatically would say, “Yes, we know you love Jesus.”

But one day as he sat down, one of his friends said,

“You are always talking about Jesus. There is a guy here who is crazy and says he wants to be a Christian. Go talk with him.”

So that’s what Jack did. The young Egyptian man didn’t know any English and Jack’s Arabic wasn’t good enough for a deep heart conversation, so Jack brought another guy from the team who had better Arabic. With some mentoring and Bible study, the young Egyptian professed his faith in Jesus and came into the local fellowship of other Muslim background believers and was recently baptized in the Red Sea.

(And Jack has plans to return to Egypt for a longer assignment in the future!)

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