During a screen fast we give up movies, TV, videos, sports, social media, and entertainment viewed on or through an electronic device. We keep only what is necessary for work and ministry.

Fasting TV and entertainment is a great opportunity to feast on reading. Perhaps you continue to use a Kindle or e-reader for Bible or book reading. Perhaps this month you can return to the appreciation of a printed book and give up your electronics entirely.

One benefit of this fast is the feast of time. Unwittingly, screens now dominate much of our free time and by fasting them we gain the opportunity to do other things, communal things, like real conversations with real people, an increasingly forgotten feast.

Let’s give up Netflix, movies, and football games to feast on Jesus.

NOTE: Feel free to participate with us in these fasts for part or all of the indicated month. Prayerfully select the fasts appropriate to your spiritual walk and stage of life and abstain from others. We hold a disciplined yet non-legalistic approach to fasting. Sometimes circumstances and relationships do not allow us to keep the letter of the scheduled fast. In that case we feast joyously knowing that fasting and feasting are complementary.

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