An image fast gives up obsessing over our looks in order to feast on what God looks like. An image fast relegates making oneself look good and concentrates on making Jesus look good.

This could mean that you alternate two sets of clothing all month long or wear the same pair of shoes. It could mean that while you maintain personal hygiene, you give up makeup, perfume, cologne, your hair appointment, mirrors, or the latest fashions.

Vanity and image affects us all differently, so you must chose to give up the external product or accessory which makes you most proud.

The intention of this month is not to draw attention to ourselves (skip the sackcloth). The intention is to learn the opposite: how to deflect attention to Jesus.

Perhaps your image is not being identified as a follower of Jesus and you need to wear a cross around your neck for a month. This fast gives up something that sets us apart from the crowd so that attention and inquiry can be directed to Christ.

We are so concerned about our external image. Could we give up our own vanity to focus attention on bearing the image of Jesus?

NOTE: Feel free to participate with us in these fasts for part or all of the indicated month. Prayerfully select the fasts appropriate to your spiritual walk and stage of life and abstain from others. We hold a disciplined yet non-legalistic approach to fasting. Sometimes circumstances and relationships do not allow us to keep the letter of the scheduled fast. In that case we feast joyously knowing that fasting and feasting are complementary.

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