This is our final part in a series on Sabbath and it looks at what you should actually do on a Sabbath. As you can see, the four things are pretty general, and just as our Member Care team tells team members to make their Sabbath their own, so we encourage you to do the same.

1. Spend extravagant time with Jesus.

A Sabbath is primarily a time of worship. Set aside a day to your God. Your first priority is to spend time at His feet. When you do so, you won’t allow anything to take you away from your one thing.

2. Abstain from activities that drain you.

The goal of a Sabbath is to refuel. To do that you must disengage from the activities that deplete you. You know what those things are and they are different for each of us. Take one day and disengage from the labor that diminishes your spirit.

3. Engage in activities that recharge you.

A Sabbath is more than abstaining; it is engaging. Participate in activities that fill you up, refresh your spirit, and rejuvenate your energy. If it’s a hike, hike! If it’s solitude, get alone and read a good book. If it’s laughter, tell bad jokes. If it’s friends, spend time with them over a nice dinner.

4. Rest your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

No one can burn the candle at both ends. Recent research says lack of proper sleep or rest is worse for you than lack of proper nutrition. Your body needs rest to function properly. Lack of rest will have a negative impact on your body, spirit, emotions, and brain activity. For six days work hard; for one day rest easy.

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