This is the second part of a series on Sabbath that our member care team shared with team members—four things that are necessary to keep a Sabbath. It is our hope that you will find inspiration in it for your own Sabbath keeping.

1. Faith
The Sabbath has similarities to the tithe. First, Abraham, the father of our faith, established the tithe before the law was established. Second, God himself established Sabbath before the law was established. I used to teach my congregation that God could do more with 90 percent of their finances when they gave their tithe than with the 100 percent when they did not tithe. Do you believe God can enable you to do more in six days with a Sabbath than in seven without one? It takes faith to follow a Sabbath. You must believe that God will enable you to accomplish all He called you to do. Faith without action is dead. Allow God to do more in six days than you can in seven.

2. Humility
Arrogance is the enemy of the Sabbath. For example, when you believe you are the one exception, the one person that has greater capacity than everyone else. Humility is acknowledging your need of God and that you cannot do it all by yourself. Acknowledging the reality of your inadequacy will lead to a Sabbath rest.

3. Discipline
There are always emergencies in life, appointments to keep, and people to talk to. To keep a Sabbath takes self-control and great inner strength. Either you live by your priorities or you live by someone else’s. Either you control your calendar or someone else controls it. This is not an excuse for rebellion but for meekness, for strength under control. Delight flows out of discipline.

4. Hunger
The all-consuming desire to be with Jesus will motivate you to keep the Sabbath. The longing to spend a day with Him, the need to hear His voice, the desire to be in His presence, and the hunger to know Him will lead to a Sabbath. The understanding that only He can satisfy, that your identity is based upon whose you are, and that your compelling need of more of Him will lead to extravagant time with Him.

Note on Legalism:
As said before, there is flexibility in keeping a Sabbath. Be careful not to project on others how to keep a Sabbath. What refuels one person may not work for someone else. Give one another grace.

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