A report from a house church in the Arab world that takes an unexpected and humorous turn at the end.


We never cease to be amazed at all the Lord has done through these young believers. Some things blow us away; other things just make us laugh.

A young MBB (Muslim Background Believer) has faced a lot of trouble with his family.

His brother called him and asked, “Why don’t you enter the mosque?”

“I don’t want to,” he answered.

“What do you feel when you hear the Qu’ran?” his brother then asked.

“My heart is hardened to it,” he responded.

His family then decided his new faith in Jesus was, in fact, an evil spirit, so they took him to a sheik to have the jinn (evil spirit) cast out.

Now this guy is bit of a troublemaker and he knew that he could now get away with anything because they thought he had an evil spirit. So as the sheik starts to try to cast the jinn out, our MBB lets out a loud yell, raises his hand, and smacks the sheik as hard as he can.

He was so proud as he told us this story.

Not sure if this is a big win for discipleship, but it definitely made us laugh.

Church planting is messy. Especially when sheiks get smacked.


UPDATE: What happened after the smack?

The family was pretty shocked by his response. Unfortunately, they still believe he is possessed. But he has continued to be bold with his family by sharing about his faith in Jesus.

After he shared the story in the house church meeting, the leaders of the house group reminded him of the Spirit that lives within him and reminded him that the Holy Spirit will guide him in wisdom the next time he faces persecution or attack from his family.

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