Fasting from shopping gives up buying personal items that we can live without. It does not mean you stop purchasing food, gasoline, and daily consumables or stop paying your monthly bills.

By limiting ourselves to only the essentials we realize how much we can live without, and this brings us into solidarity with the poor who have no expendable income and who often are not able to purchase necessities.

Fasting shopping for non-necessary items helps us simplify our lives and gives us more time for Jesus. You’ll have more resources to give to the poor or to the spread of the gospel in the earth.

Could we spend money on other people and not ourselves?

NOTE: Feel free to participate with us in these fasts for part or all of the indicated month. Prayerfully select the fasts appropriate to your spiritual walk and stage of life and abstain from others. We hold a disciplined yet non-legalistic approach to fasting. Sometimes circumstances and relationships do not allow us to keep the letter of the scheduled fast. In that case we feast joyously knowing that fasting and feasting are complementary.

Photo credit: Sjoerd Lammers street photography via photopin (license)

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