I enjoy drinking coffee, but I also enjoy its nuances, smells, and aromas. It’s about more than just getting up in the morning and making a simple cup of coffee, but making sure I can “craft” it for the perfect taste. You could say that coffee is an art for our family. Our overseas life can limit that artistic expression. Back in the States, I had about five different ways to make coffee with coffee making in our house taking 10–20 minutes.

For me coffee is not about the caffeine—it’s more about the experience. Because of that, I had no initial problem with February’s caffeine fast. No caffeine headaches, no withdraw symptoms, nothing. Yes, the first two weeks went by without a problem. But about Day 15, things got difficult. For the first two weeks, I replaced coffee with a delicious caffeine-free tea. I woke up in the morning and went through my “coffee” routine—heating the water, pre-heating my mug, and sipping some delicious goodness. All caffeine-free!

But something wasn’t right. There wasn’t a struggle. I thought it quite strange, that I must not be doing something “right.” I prayed about it and the Lord opened my eyes to what was going on.

It’s not the caffeine I’m interested in, but the experience. In the morning, making coffee and having an artist experience was a sweet delight, as strange as that sounds. I put coffee before Jesus, and when I couldn’t drink coffee, I put tea before Him. But He wants to be before everything, even the seemingly good things of life. He wants the first part of my day AND the last AND everything in between. Jesus wants to be first, and too many times I make Him second.

Once I figured out that Jesus wants the first part of my day, I delayed the tea to after my time with Him. That’s when things got difficultly sweet—difficult because there was a battle for affection in the morning, and sweet because my day started with Jesus who is better than anything else. I’m thankful the caffeine fast is over, but I’m praying I continue the new habit—Jesus first, above all, and coffee second.

“Jesus, help the good things of life not distract us from You or take the best of our time.” What a prayer we should pray!

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