In January my husband and I participated in a Daniel fast for 21 days. Together with our teammates and churches back home, we fasted and prayed for gospel breakthrough in the Arab world.

The fast was much more difficult than we anticipated. Can I just tell how easy it is to justify the things we really want? Many times something tempted me and I reasoned, “I want chocolate, and technically it comes from a bean, right?” We realized very quickly we could not do it in our own strength, but needed to be wholly rooted in the King of Kings, because when we lose the vision or the why behind fasting, we fast in vain.

In the Arab world, our friends love to eat and nearly every occasion and every hangout revolves around food. My husband and I had to be careful not to insult the hospitality of our friends, but we also had many opportunities to share how we hunger and thirst for the return of the bridegroom.

This fast made us aware of how much we feasted in our hearts and with our mouths on basic things like food. Oftentimes, a day revolves around our meal schedule, or a long week is rewarded with “good food.” This month really revealed to us that Jesus is worthy of our time and attention. Jesus is worthy to be feasted upon. When we begin to discipline ourselves, or when we say no to something we desire, the yes to Jesus becomes greater. We don’t fast to be less dependent on food, but we fast in order to become more dependent on Jesus. We fast to feast on Jesus.

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