Each month Live Dead missionaries participate in a kingdom fast. February is caffeine, and one of our team members shares the challenges with she faces.

In my life caffeine means coffee. My dearly beloved. My morning’s best friend.

The first week was rough, complete with headaches.

This second week, though, something interesting happened. Loneliness replaced the headaches.

I miss my friend coffee. I smell coffee, and I become sad that coffee is not in my life. I just want to hold, smell and taste coffee. My heart hurts a little because I love coffee so much, but it’s not part of my life right now. I just want coffee!

Then it hit me. “Huh, interesting. Do I ever miss Jesus this much?”

Do I miss Jesus when I fall into a busy spell of life and my abiding time is abbreviated and the to-do lists and work thoughts push aside my all day continual enjoyment of his presence?

Are there ever times in my day when I sit and think about my friend Jesus in the same ways I’ve dreamt about coffee this week?

How many times this week have I cried aloud, “I just want some coffee!” A lot. And how many times have I cried aloud, “I just want Jesus!” Zero.

My goal for the remaining fifteen days of February is to cry aloud each day, at least once, “I just want Jesus!” and see what happens.

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