During the holiday season, Middle East team members joined a local church to share a day with refugees. Every month this local church serves the refugees that come through its doors, faithfully sharing all they have, including the gospel that compels them.

In small groups of three and four, children trickled into the meeting hall. Big sisters tugging little brothers, toddlers bundled up in colorful sweaters, and little girls with pigtails and smiles all came to the Christmas party. Their mothers filed in quietly, keeping a watchful eye on their children from the back.

Boys at Christmas Party

The chairs filled and the volume rose as the team prepared to share the story of Jesus’ birth. Puppets, songs, actors and pictures shared the good tidings of great joy. The children crowded near the front, standing on chairs and riding on shoulders—anything to get a better view. Children snapped pictures and recorded bits of the presentation with smartphones. Afterward the team mingled with the children and sang “God created me, and He loves me.” Little girls with smiles on their faces stood on chairs, copying the actions of local church members. Groups of boys vied for a turn to join the song leaders at the front.

Girl at Christmas Party

Each child left with a backpack full of goodies. Appreciative mothers toting babies thanked the team as they followed their children out. There was even the opportunity to bless several police officers that the building’s owner summoned to make sure no “inappropriate religious activity” occurred. The team joyfully served the officers refreshments and sent gifts home with them for their own children.

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