From the Middle East Training Team

Some of our team members visited Baghdad several months ago and met with a local pastor. They shared the vision of the training team and talked about partnership ideas. The pastor agreed that training is important, but he pressed us that it must go beyond strategy and technique.

“I used to look for people who were ready for ministry. Now I look for people who are ready to die—to die to their own plans and ideas.”

This pastor and his family have demonstrated over and over their willingness to give their lives for the ministry. Their church in Baghdad tirelessly serves thousands of refugees and provides many with food and housing.

The pastor’s son then told us about an American preacher he heard talking about a “problem”—being stuck in traffic. “I don’t think some Americans know what true problems are,” said this young man whose country has not seen peace during his lifetime. “They also don’t know how much grace is available to them.”

Our team in the Middle East is discovering more and more of this grace available through the difficult process of sacrifice. We recently celebrated our first anniversary of living and working together as a team and we reflected on the Live Dead value of sacrifice. Sacrifice is more than just leaving home to serve in a foreign country. Sacrifice involves the very painful and messy process of laying down everything and becoming “incarnate” within a new culture.

“He is worthy of the effort and the daily sacrifice.”

One young lady described the struggle in her life like this: “The cultural adjustment and language learning has proven to be far more difficult than I ever imagined. Not a day goes by in which I am not fully reliant on Jesus to help me through it. Please pray that I will be faithful and obedient during this time and that I will reflect Christ’s goodness through the struggle and growth. He is worthy of the effort and the daily sacrifice. I willingly lay down my desires and my freedoms daily so that I may learn to adapt and grow in this beautiful culture and amazing language.”

How you can PRAY

Thank you for holding the Middle East training team in prayer as they seek to make Jesus known by whatever means possible. Pray specifically for the church planting teams being formed right now. Live Dead is committed to taking the Church to the places it does not exist. We are committed to altering the statistic that forty percent of the world lives without access to Christ.

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