READ: Zechariah 5, John 20, 1 John 1


Either God is a liar or we are. John warns us that we can make God a liar by saying we have no sin (1 John 1:10). He points out that if we say we have fellowship with Him yet walk in darkness, we lie (v. 6). It comes as a shock that we are all liars and thieves–all of us, even those who outwardly appear the most saintly. We all lie by presenting ourselves in word or posture as better than we actually are. We all steal by taking little wisps of God’s glory for ourselves.

Zechariah surprises us by reminding us there is a universal curse. The surprise is not in the curse, but in the originator and disseminator of the curse. “The curse that goes out over the face of the whole earth [to expel liars and thieves],” says Zechariah, is sent by the Lord of hosts (5:3-4). God sends this flying curse (depicted as a ten meter by five meter scroll) that shall “remain in the midst of [our] house and consume it.” Evidently God is not real favorable towards thieves and liars, which again is you and me. God’s curse (and it is in this sense that Paul talks about the law being a curse) is linked to His judgment, His dealing with what is false, His eradication in us and in the earth of what is evil. God will eradicate lying and stealing in the earth. God will eradicate lying and stealing in His church. God will eradicate the lying and stealing in my heart.

We must come to terms that at our very best we are liars and thieves. Until we can genuinely own up to this embarrassing reality, we are yet calling God a liar. Thankfully God is determined to burn this ugliness out of us. God’s law and holy wrath will hammer away at the deception and idolatry in our hearts until they are destroyed. This is not the process of a day, or even a week. This will take all our lives and will only be culminated when Jesus comes again in glory and unleashes one final devastating blow against the liar and the thief (Satan) and his lies and his stolen glories which are embedded in us. God will remain angry within us until He has consumed all lies and all thefts. God’s curse in this regard is our blessing, for we are not cursed, but the sin in us is–it is doomed. We can participate in God’s intention in two primary ways. First, we can admit we are liars and thieves. We can admit this to our family and friends. We can get this shame into the light. This bringing of our darkness in to the light (1 John 1:7) breaks the back of sin and brings us into fellowship not only with God but also with one another. It is our vulnerabilities that bind us together, not our strengths. Second, we can long for our freedom. A groaning to be free from our lying and stealing is a passion God uses toward our deliverance. God loves to deliver the soul who loves to be delivered.

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