READ: Ecclesiastes 11, John 6, Revelation 22


Jesus is coming soon. If this was true 2,000 years ago (Rev. 22:12), it is more true now. The day that Jesus returns will live not in infamy, but in eternity–for from that day on there will be no more curse (v. 3). Oh, what wonder! On that day I will no longer struggle with sin. On that day the virus embedded within humanity will not only be defeated, it will be completely eliminated. On that day man will no longer be at war within himself. No wonder the Spirit, bride, and he who hears say, “Come” (v. 17)! The longing for freedom and perfect rest can only be satisfied when Jesus comes back. Personal sin may be overcome when the believer is promoted to the presence of Jesus, but communal sin continues as long as humanity inhabits earth and space. All creation groans together–including the ransomed and redeemed–for the final liberation of all things from the curse of sin and death.

The joy in heaven over each and every sinner who repents indicates the anticipation, the elongated longing of the Spirit and the saints for the final eradication of sin and death. Heavenly beings are not ignorant, nor does our awakening in glory remove our awareness of God’s ambitions. Heaven itself is not fully at rest until the redemption of all things. Pilgrims plodding on earth and pilgrims in the celestial city join with the angels and the Godhead, yearning for that great and glorious day when the trumpet sounds, the Lord descends, and all is finally, ultimately well with our souls.

Because the curse of sin is the issue, the issue of sin must remain the priority of both the Church and the mission until the day Jesus returns. Church and mission have different roles toward a common goal. The mandate of the mission (sodality) is the priceless vision of planting the Church where it does not exist. The call of the Church (modality) is to attack sin wherever it is found, to magnify Jesus in every sphere of life as a fully orbed witness to the coming Kingdom. The mission sodality has one laser-like mandate. The Church modality has a holistic commission. Both Church and mission lose their way if they lose their focus on attacking sin. Sin is the universal and timeless malady. Jesus came to save sinners. The temporal energies and resources of Church and mission MUST be concentrated on evangelism and discipleship until that great day when Jesus comes and starts a sinless forever by killing sin and death.

All the cosmos longs to be free from the curse. The best thing we can contribute towards ultimate liberation is to preach the gospel to every people on earth. For then the end comes. Then Jesus completely destroys the curse. Our going is indelibly linked to Christ’s coming. Let us go rapidly and courageously that He comes quickly and victoriously.

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