READ: Ecclesiastes 5, Luke 24, Revelation 16


God does not suffer fools; He has no pleasure in them (Eccles. 5:4). An incomplete view of God casts Him as a benign and cuddly grandfather, somewhat clueless to our sin and comprehensively approving of our person and actions. God is approachable and should be, but intimacy does not mean flippancy. It is possible to abuse our place as sons and daughters of God and approach Him cavalierly and disrespectfully. We forget that God is a righteous judge with power over plagues and punishment (Rev. 16:5-9) who doesn’t like the fools who talk too much, disbelieve, and refuse to repent.

Fools Talk Too Much. Let alone pagans or non-believers, all too often Christians approach the house of God to offer the sacrifice of fools, rather than to hear (Eccles. 5:1). We are told to not be rash with our mouth and to let our words be few (v. 2). God is unimpressed with those who promise Him much but obey Him little. What makes a fool is much promising and scant obedience. Talk doesn’t impress God. Labor does. Hardworking, sweaty faith is what gains the notice of heaven. Too many Christians (including missionaries and ministers) talk too much, work too little, and are in God’s view considered foolish no matter how they present themselves. 

Fools Are Slow To Believe. Jesus rebukes His own disciples for having all the truth in front of them and still not choosing to understand. “Foolish ones and slow of heart to believe,” He chastises (Luke 24:25). This world has made skepticism a virtue, but doubt is never lauded in the Bible. The wise man according to the world is he who is not foolish to believe in anything other than himself or the work of his hands. The wise man according to the Bible is the one with a heart to believe. The Bible often puts the center of belief in the will, not in the head. We choose to believe with our spirits just as much, if not more, than when we think our way to truth. Jesus is known in the breaking of bread (v. 35), He walks into our restrained reason (v. 16), and our hearts burn within us (v. 32). If we are willing, Jesus opens our understanding (v. 45). The fool is the one unwilling, not unable, to believe. 

Fools Don’t Repent. God’s ongoing desire is that men and women will turn from their folly. God woos, calls, pleads, invites, and when every other method fails, judges. God’s intention in trouble is that humanity will repent and give God glory, that humanity will turn from his folly to the protective wisdom of heaven (Rev. 16:9). Too often, unfortunately, the response of humanity to God’s judgment is blasphemy. The fool gets angry at the judgment of God and does not turn from his sin. The wisest thing men and women can do is repent and glorify Jesus. God’s fools trust Him.

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