READ: Psalm 147, Mark 1, Hebrews 11


Healing is an activity participated in by the receiver. We tend to approach healing as something God does in isolation. Yet the scriptures are clear that faith interacts with sovereign power when the human body or emotions are restored. There is another way that we can participate in our own healing, and that is by praise. Psalm 147:1-3 declares praise to be beautiful and infers that it contributes to binding up the wounded.

Praise is different than singing. We certainly can sing praise songs, but praise goes deeper than parroting someone else’s thoughts. Essentially praise is our spirit’s response to the Spirit of God. Praise in essence is our emotion, thoughts, and adoration of God, personally packaged and delivered to Jesus. Among the saints, praise begins when the prepared songs end and each individual raises their voice to declare the majesty of God. Praise is not contingent on our feelings, our status, our environment, or our maturity. Praise is not about us; it is about who God is despite us. When we praise God for who He is, despite how we feel or what we feel, it is pleasing to Him and healing to our wounded spirit. Praise often initiates and complements the supernatural work of God in our lives.

Hebrews 11:21 gives testimony to the type of praise relished in heaven. Jacob, when he was dying, blessed and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff. An old man with one foot in the grave opened his mouth and worshiped. This is a praise worth emulating. When we are dying with Jacob, when we are in prison with Paul, when we are beaten with the Apostles, when we are facing enemy armies with the Israelites, when we are feigning madness with David in hostile lands, when our flesh is failing and we are wasting away with Job, when we have been given a shameful and impossible assignment with Mary, when all earth is shaken around us and all that we cherish is taken away, when in these situations we open our mouths and verbalize our own words of adoration, this is the praise that stirs the hosts of heaven, that ascends in beauty to the ears and heart of God.

When we praise despite torture, when we praise rather than accept deliverance, when we praise in trial, when we praise when mocked, when we praise in scourging, when we praise in chains, when we praise though being stoned and sawn in two, when we praise when slain or wandering in deserts, mountains, caves, and dens (Heb. 11:35-38), this praise not only moves heaven, it also heals us. We can participate in our own physical and emotional healing by opening our mouths and praising Jesus.

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