READ: Psalm 146, Matthew 28, Hebrews 10


The old song petitions God, “Keep me Savior from day to day, under the precious blood.” In the 1900s it was common to refer to “staying under the blood,” a term fallen out of use and in danger of falling from our understanding and function. Hebrews, however, does not allow us to stray from the centrality of the blood of Jesus.

We are completed by the blood of Jesus. Hebrews 10:14 declares the one offering of Jesus’ body perfected forever those who are being sanctified. We sing, preach, and think about the blood of Jesus continually because it completes us. It is the blood of Jesus that cleanses our conscience, heals our memories, removes the shame of sin, affirms our created personality, and puts us together again after sin and self do their best to destroy us. Oh, the precious blood that completes us!

We are emboldened by the blood of Jesus. It is the blood of Jesus that gives us the spiritual courage to enter the presence of God (10:19). When the eyes of our Spirit open to the majesty of God and our complete unworthiness to be near Him, the appropriate response is to fall to the ground shaking, begging for mountains to fall on us. The blood stands us on our feet, gives us appropriate reverence, and walks us into the presence of Glory. Oh, the precious blood that brings us near to Almighty God!

We are protected by the blood of Jesus. In times of spiritual attack, sometimes we have no other recourse than to plead the blood of Jesus. To plead the blood is to stand in the dock while the accuser throws his most vile darts at us and we respond, “Talk to Jesus! I don’t have to answer you. I have an advocate. His blood was shed for me; He is my defense; and He will answer you. You have no right over me, no ability to touch me, no authority under me. The blood is my defense.” When evil attacks us, our strongest protection is to stand under the blood and refer the devil to the cross. Oh, the precious blood that protects us from the attacks of the enemy!

We can insult the blood of Jesus. Hebrews 10:29 warns that we can trample the Son of God underfoot by counting the blood of the covenant as a common thing. If we do this, we insult the Spirit of grace. What the blood of Jesus does for us, to us is incomparably great and unfathomably costly to the Father. When we treat it lightly, we offend God Himself. Let us live today in awe of the blood of Jesus, purposed to live under the blood, purposed to be thankful and respectful of God’s great sacrifice. Oh, the precious blood, let us never count it common.

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