READ: Psalm 131, Zechariah 10, Matthew 13, 2 Timothy 3


When I sit on my balcony watching and listening to Cairo, I am overwhelmed. When I walk though the urban slums, the preppy Nile islands, or the Islamic quarter, I wonder how on earth we can reach this mega-city or others like it around the world. No training seems adequate, no method tenable. When I am overwhelmed, the Scriptures give me hope, comfort, and songs (Psalm 119:49-56). The Scriptures teach me to wean my soul away from matters that do not concern me and are beyond my capacity (Psalm 131:2). The Scriptures make me wise, complete, and equip me (2 Tim. 3: 15-17). The Scriptures remove a self-imposed pressure and remind me that all things–most especially world evangelization–come from God (Zech. 10).

Rain and Showers. “Ask the Lord for rain….He will give showers” (Zech. 10:1). Jesus restores and renews us. Jesus waters our dry places. Jesus sends blessings. Jesus sends harvest.

Battle Capacity. “God makes us like His royal horse in battle . . . From Him the battle bow . . . They shall fight because the Lord is with them” (vv. 3-5). Jesus gives us both the appetite, capacity, and weapons of warfare. A divine battle lust (to war for the souls of men, not against their bodies) is a divinely granted emotion.

Cornerstone. “From Him comes the cornerstone” (v. 4). Mission and ministry is not built on personalities – as much as we strive to make it so. Enduring ministry is built only on Jesus and every single one of us is dispensable and replaceable – every one of us. This gives us comfort and hope if we feel small, and warning and pause when we feel great.

Tent Peg. “From Him comes the tent peg” (10:4). Even the largest of tents need these small, unnoticed, mostly buried stakes in the ground to grant stability. No tent endures the buffeting winds without multiple humble pegs which cling to earth. God grants our security through a thousand little anchors unseen and invaluable. God guarantees our security and endurance.

Rule and Authority. “From Him comes every ruler together” (v. 4). God grants authorities over us. Some of them loving, some of them tyrannical. All authority is given to Jesus and granted to us from Him. From God comes our defense. God sometimes defends us through wise authorities, and He sometimes forms us, disciplines us, and refines us by the hand of unwise authorities.

From God I receive the renewal needed to press on. From God I receive the energy and passion for battle. From God I receive stability and the structure upon which to build. I am not overwhelmed by the needs of the world for I am supplied and re-supplied by the great quartermaster of heaven.

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