READ: Psalm 114, Habakkuk 2, John 18, Colossians 4


Reformations past and present start by faith. Faith most simply defined is trust: “Just from Jesus simply taking, life and rest, and joy and peace” (Louisa Stead).

We Trust Jesus to Satisfy Our Longings. Habakkuk warns against the proud man who cannot be satisfied, who enlarges desire like hell, who gathers and heaps up possessions, peoples, and conquests for himself (Hab. 2:5). Good things can be perverted, and good things cannot complete or sustain us. To be completely satisfied we must replace our longing for good things with a great passion for the greatest thing–the unspoiled presence of Jesus.  “Just to trust His cleansing blood.”

We Trust Jesus to Supply Our Needs. As a missionary who lives according to the faith pledges of generous supporters, I find it convicting that Habakkuk warns him who “loads himself with many pledges” (v. 6). I have seldom met a commitment of support (financial, emotional, relational) I did not like, and in my human desire to provide for myself am loathe to turn help away. To be self-dependent (even for finances) however can be dangerous, it can lead us to stop trusting Jesus. There is a blessing in being needy and underfunded, it keeps us trusting. “Just to rest upon His promise.”

We Trust Jesus to Give Us Counsel. Habakkuk scolds the one who counsels others (and themselves) poorly. He deems it a “sin against our own soul” (v. 10). We must learn to trust Jesus more than we trust ourselves. We must learn to listen to He who is “greater than our hearts.” Before our friends, more than our learning, above our intuition, beyond our experiences, we must learn to trust the often quiet promptings of the Spirit of God in us. He counsels us well if we commit “just from sin and self to cease.”

A wonderful thing happens at levels far beyond us when we trust Jesus: “The earth WILL be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (v. 14)! When Jesus is all our desire, when Jesus is all our supply, when Jesus is all our wisdom, when Jesus has all our trust, we are positioned well to be trusted by Him, trusted not to want to share His glory but rather to have a holy ambition to see Him glorified. When we trust Jesus, He trusts us.

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