by Hunter Glenn (not his real name). Hunter has spent 6 of his 13 years in the Arab world.


I think part of living dead is sacrificing the things that we can’t get in [our country]. Sacrificing myself to the Lord is another thing. I did not make the decision to come to [the Arab world] or anywhere else, but I am glad my parents made the decision to go. I have many more experiences than other kids or adults because of it. Lots of people, their entire lives, never leave their country!

There are many advantages and disadvantages to living overseas. Most of the roads are dirt, and it is fun sometimes, but when you get outside [the capital city], it was hard to drive. Once in the middle of a four-day trip, my dad, my brother and I got stuck in the sand. Suddenly people from the middle of nowhere came out to help us. The only hut I could see was a kilometer away, but there were at least a dozen people there to help us out. People were so helpful.

More people are starting to go to [a needy neighboring country], and that makes me extremely happy. I think some people were afraid to go there. I heard the police or random people would take Christians to some pond or lake and shove their head under the water until they died. Then they would revive them, and ask if they were still Christians. If they said no, they’d let them go, but if they said yes, they repeated the process. If the Christians kept saying yes, they eventually died.

We are starting to suffer more for the Gospel. This was written about in the Bible, which I think is a sign that the rapture will happen soon. I have locked myself in a mindset that I don’t think I can get out of. If the rapture could happen any second, we should be ready. So when I do something, I realize what I’ve done. Then I try to ask for forgiveness from God as quickly as I can.

Sometimes I wish the world spoke only one language that we all knew. Then we could share the Gospel with everybody. We wouldn’t have to take the time to learn a language. We could share the Gospel longer and faster. I have yet to share the gospel with somebody.


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