READ: Psalm 70, Ezekiel 43-45, Mark 14, 1 Corinthians 5 


Democracy is a human idea, not a God idea. God is not an egalitarian–there is order in the Godhead; there is order in marriage; there are elders in heaven; and there are different rewards for different obedience. Humanity’s ideal view of justice is to treat everyone the same. God’s view of justice is to treat everyone as they deserve (reward) and to treat everyone as they don’t deserve (mercy).

If everything is sacred, nothing is sacred. The danger of egalitarian thinking in the spiritual realm is a reduction of our walk with God to a colorless drudgery that does not allow for unique manifestations of His glory. This is both unbiblical and tragic. The God of the Bible is both omnipresent (steadily everywhere) and occasional (special and uncommon manifestations of His glory). Our union with God allows for both a constant abiding in Him and periodic intimacies that are rapturous to the soul. God’s steady calming presence and His bursts of glory complement and heighten each other.

Ezekiel is taken by the Spirit into the future in order to see the new temple. In the Spirit, in the visions of God in Ezekiel 40, Ezekiel is interacting with God when suddenly there is a greater manifestation of God’s presence, and the weight of glory causes Ezekiel to fall on his face (43:2-3, 44:4). Communion with God is interrupted by a greater surge of God, for walking with God is like swimming in the ocean at high tide–we are both immersed and surrounded and huge waves come crashing over us in periodic fashion.

In Ezekiel 44:23, God tells the prophet that His priests shall “teach my people the difference between the holy and the unholy, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.” It is self-evident that there is right and wrong, that there is good and best, but it is also true that there is holy and sacred. A postmodernist view of life teaches that there is no separation between sacred and secular, but this is not biblically accurate. There is holy and there is Holy. To reduce all interactions with God to one level is to do injury to our own souls, for we need both steady communion and blessed, overwhelming, sacred moments. We need both to walk in holiness and purity before the Lord and to have unique moments of His unveiled presence that send jolts of divine electricity down our spine, make our knees rattle, and cause us to fall prostrate on our faces before the God who overwhelms.

The retention of sacred moments and experiences with God help us keep in balance our blessed intimacy with Jesus and His unapproachable transcendence. Both must be experienced for us to have His fullness. It is our joy and our privilege to have moments of glory, sacred encounters, and holy days for they complement the daily communion of walking with Jesus. Praise God that not everything is sacred.

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