READ: Psalm 61, Ezekiel 16-18, Mark 5, Romans 12 


God has always been open with humanity. God does not change the rules and He has no moral surprises. From the beginning God sat down with man and clearly explained: The soul who sins shall die (Eze. 18:4, 20). Humanity has ever known that God abhors what is evil and expects us to join Him in this revulsion (Rom. 12:9). Accusations of the unfairness of God are inevitably emotional appeals intended to justify sin under the guise of compassion for others. God sees right through our hypocrisy and reminds us: “Is it not my ways which are fair, and your ways which are not fair” (Eze. 18:29)?

Because God is fair, every man and woman must die for their sin. No one is more affected by this justice than God Himself. Sadness felt at human funerals is sourced in God’s grief at those whose sin; iniquity was their ruin (v. 30). Jesus weeping at Lazarus’ grave is Jesus standing at every burial in tears. The wonder is not that anyone is punished by God; that disaster happens; or that tragedy strikes. The wonder is that the mercy of God keeps all kinds of nastiness away from us. We all deserve a tortuous life and a horrific eternity, yet God has no pleasure in the death of the one who dies (v. 32). If only we could understand the anguish God feels for the consequences of His own fairness, we might in our childish way try to console Him. “Get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit…for why should you die?” God pleads (v. 31). No one is more afflicted by justice than God Himself.

Ironically the fairness of God provides a means for us to escape what we deserve. God’s gracious compassion withholds deserved judgment. No one has a better claim to protesting God’s “unfairness” than the devil. The devil knows that humanity deserves God’s destroying anger and is continually frustrated that God’s mercy triumphs over judgment. You can almost hear the demonic whine: Hey! God, you are unfair! Your own laws demand you scorch the earth and all that dwell within it. Unable to twist God’s nature, the devil then wickedly turns on humanity and contorts the issue of fairness until humanity ridiculously accuses God of unfairness for the suffering of the wicked. The real unfairness of the universe is that rebellious man who has so grievously and continuously insulted God is allowed live and breath–let alone have eternity.

We should daily fall on our knees and thank God that He is mercifully unfair towards us. It is not fair that God bears the brunt of sin. It is not fair that Jesus was nailed to a cross. It is not fair that humanity is allowed to increasingly rebel against God. It is not fair that wicked men and women are forgiven. Praise and glory and honor and thanks to Jesus for His beautiful unfairness. It is our only hope.

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