READ: Psalm 57, Ezekiel 4-6, Mark 1, Romans 8


A mystery of God is that while we cannot hurt Him, we can crush His heart. In one sense God is above the sin and folly of man, immune to our attacks, transcendent over our emotion and folly. In another sense God came to earth and shared our sorrows and felt keenly the nails through His flesh and our betrayals through His heart. Man can crush the heart of God.

Adulterous Hearts. Ezekiel points out that God’s fury is unleashed against His unfaithful people “because I was crushed by their adulterous heart which has departed from me” (Eze. 6:9). There is little that can compare to the pain of marriage betrayal. When a man or a woman breaks their exclusive and holy covenant with their spouse, it is a crushing blow unmatched by other painful betrayals. If we, still being conformed into the image of God, can feel the pain of adultery, imagine what God must feel. God has emotions (we derive ours from Him) and God’s emotions are purer, higher, wider, and deeper than ours. God’s heart is so much bigger than mine; thus when I break it, the damage and pain is unimaginable. Then consider that billions of people across time have crushed God’s heart numerous times.  What kind of God is this who can absorb so much pain and still be merciful to us?

Harlot Eyes. Ezekiel continues by pointing out it is not only our acts of adultery that wound God, it is also “by our eyes which play the harlot with idola” (6:9). When a wife is sitting with her husband and she sees his eyes wander to another woman, it is a bruising blow. God, with His magnified emotions, feels that same rejection when we have prostituted eyes. With our lusts we undress other idols, panting after money, fame, and power, and even as we forget God sees all, He sees what our eyes wander after and it is injurious to Him. When we cry with the psalmist “turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things” (119:37), it should be because we realize eye harlotry not only destroys us, it crushes almighty God.

Self Loathing. In God’s magnanimous heart, He knows that our adultery and harlotry against Him also hurts us and He longs for us to be pure for our own well being. God knows that we “will loathe ourselves for the evils which [we committed] in all our abominationa” (Eze. 6:9). A colleague put it crassly, but the horror of the act warrants the vulgarity of the warning, that adultery against God or spouse is like crapping in your own pants: It feels good for about one second, then you have to live in your disgusting mess. How much better not to crush the heart of God, not to create pain for ourselves and our loved ones. How much better to delight God’s heart and the hearts of those we are in covenant with. Help us, Jesus.

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