READ: Psalm 53, Jeremiah 52, Matthew 25, Romans 4 


When a collection of the fallen come together to dream about the evangelization of the world and the return of the King, there is for them but one hope: belief. In these last days as we look at the ideological giants who defiantly raise their heads against the Lord and His anointed one and compare their might to our weakness, our only recourse is to believe that God can use our insignificant strength to accomplish His great purpose. Our primary work in primary mission is to believe (John 6:29). Our righteousness [as that of Abraham’s (Romans 4: 3-6)] results from belief. Followers of the crucified must resolutely hold on to these basic beliefs:

We believe Jesus is God. Simple as it may sound, the deity of Jesus is essential to believe and proclaim. As we draw closer to our Lord’s return, this belief will continually come under assault. It is a high privilege to lift our voices in taxis and over tea to declare with power: Jesus is God!

We believe Jesus is good. As martyrdoms rise and the innocent pay the price for others’ obedience, we must hold on to the belief that God is good. But we must not only believe that God is good in tragedy; we must believe that God is good in dryness. Dryness can lead us astray. We must not relinquish the reality that God is a steady seeker and that He takes initiative for our abiding. God does not leave our spirit’s health only in the hands of our discipline. Wonderful Jesus seeks us out (Psalm 119:176) and takes responsibility for our intimacy with Him. How wonderful to be yoked with Jesus–not just for ministry, but also for spiritual vitality.

We must believe Jesus still has resurrection power. “God who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did” (Rom. 4:17). Jesus not only rose from the dead; He also continually raises others from the dead. Surrounded by the Muslim masses throwing themselves over the cliffs of time into eternal hell, we must stand against that tide in belief. We must shout into the onrushing crowd: “ I BELIEVE GOD WILL RAISE YOU FROM THE DEAD!” We must stand in our cities, in our contexts, in our Muslim countries, and at the door of our Muslim neighbor, and believe for them, until they believe for themselves.

None of us have the wisdom or power to force movements of Muslim peoples (or any people) to Jesus.  All of us have been given the gift of faith and God wants us to exercise it. Our priority, our prime work, is to believe. We believe Jesus is God with all authority. We believe He uses that authority for good. We believe He is going to yet raise the dead. Lord, we believe!

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