READ: Psalm 52, Jeremiah 49-51, Matthew 24, Romans 3 


The entirety of God’s Word is truth (Psalm 119:160) and we are invited by Jesus to fall in love with His Word all over again. A distinguishing mark of those who have gone (or who are going) through suffering is their renewed love for the Bible, which leads them to a renewed love for Jesus. We do not worship God’s Words–we worship His incarnate Word. God’s written Word is a constant reminder of how good/big He is and how fallen/small we are. There is a comfort derived in being small.

To God’s people are committed His oracles (Romans 3:2) that God be true and every man a liar (v. 4). Man is by nature a deceiver and God is by nature truth, and the lies of man only make the truth of God increase (v. 7). Our lying words (along with our lying lives) prove there is none righteous–no not one (v. 10). There is something in us, in those who have been redeemed, that wants to cling to a little bit of our own inherent goodness. We quickly admit that we are sinners (that there is evil in us), but it is much harder for us to admit that we are devoid of good (that there is nothing good in us at all). This is a much harder sell, even for those who have been in Christ for most of their life. To admit that there is sin in us, and to confess that there is nothing good in us at all are two very different things. Christians excel at the former and falter at the later.

This is the battle ax that God uses to break in pieces both the nations and the individual (Jer. 51:20). This truth (God is completely good; man is completely fallen) is what we are to proclaim among the peoples and not conceal (v. 2). This is the resting place that God’s people have forgotten (v. 6): the rest of ceasing from labor to be good and entering into the strive-free zone of being justified. Oh, what wonder when the truths of God sink into our souls: We are justified freely, Jesus provided propitiation (appeasement of God’s wrath) by His blood, in God’s forbearance He passed over our sin to demonstrate His righteousness. Jesus is both just and justifier (Rom. 3:24-26).

I love the Bible for it continually diminishes me and exalts the Lord. The scriptures are an ongoing delight, for they comfort me, showing that my insignificance is my rightful place. The smaller I am, the bigger God is seen to be. My smallness is not an impediment to glory, but my smallness magnifies God, for whatever is accomplished in my limited life is then obviously a work of grace. The scripture removes from me the pressure of success and the burden of ongoing accomplishment, for it teaches me to rest in being small that God might be great. Oh, the glory of being small, for my smallness magnifies the Lord. Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together–by staying small.

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