READ: Psalm 21, Isaiah 22-24, John 14, Revelation 22


Eternity is the triune God. Without beginning or end, a community of love has always existed and will eternally exist. One God, three persons who outside of time have always loved each other. Man is invited into that community, into that eternal love. Something deep within us (God-placed) knows there is a reality deeper and sweeter than whatever good we now enjoy. Whoever is filled with God’s Spirit has this innate sense of being possessed by God for something more. There is this longing for home, a home prepared for us where there is no more curse, where we directly see His face, where there is no night, where we revel in the glory of the triune God (Rev. 22).

While we wait for this manifested, unfettered glory, God uses us as glory pegs. Isaiah prophesies about what God will do with Eliakim saying: “I will fasten him as a peg in a secure place. They will hang on him the glory of his father’s house” (Isaiah 22:23-24). Essentially, God is saying that though Eliakim is small and unrecognized, he will be firmly established as the hidden (small) instrument upon which glorious things will be hung.

This is God’s intention for us while we wait for the full manifestation and enjoyment of His eternal glory. He wants to securely establish us in order to hang His glory on us. We are to be the unseen, small, un-remembered peg that enables the glory of God to be displayed. We are not the royal robe, but without our small steadiness, the glory robe falls to the floor, crumpled. Not many begin their Christian service with the ambition to be a hidden peg, at once the means of glory being displayed and completely obscured by the glory. When we have pegged well, no one can see us, no one even knows we are there–all that can be seen is God’s glory.

There is no higher calling than to be an obscure peg, securely fastened to God’s wall, which helps display God’s glory. A faithful peg, a peg true to its assignment, is not seen–and doesn’t care. The highest joy for glory pegs is to go unnoticed even as they faithfully are used for God to be seen, for His glory to be displayed.

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