READ: Job 31-33, Psalm 10, John 3, Revelation 11


Job makes a covenant with his eyes not to look upon a young woman (Job 31:1). Job realizes that our heart tends to walk after our eyes (v. 7), and that our hearts are prone to lead us to destruction and disaster (v. 9). Job reminds us that God watches what we watch (v. 4), He sees all our ways. I left Cancun, Mexico yesterday (where little is left to the imagination) and am sitting in the London airport on my way back to Cairo (where ladies in full body black burkahs abound). But whether in Cancun or Cairo, my heart remains the same, and I must intentionally stay in covenant with my eyes, and with the giver of sight.

Dr. Mark Laser of Faithful and True Ministries presents a color code to help us with covenant and confession regarding sexual purity.

RED. Red represents the blatant sin issues: Pornography, adultery, masturbation, and lust being the most common, without being an exhaustive list. These are actions that have violated covenant and must be confessed, repented of, and disciplined for.

YELLOW. Yellow indicates the actions that are not necessarily sinful in themselves, but make you vulnerable to a red (blatant disobedience and sin).  For example, I am too hypocritical to walk into an airport bookstore and browse through a pornographic magazine, but I am very susceptible to walk through that same bookstore, pick up a novel, and flip through the pages hoping to “stumble upon” a saucy section. For me, my yellow would be the bookstore. Nothing inherently wrong with an airport bookstore, but if it places me in a position of vulnerability, I should avoid it. Another example would be browsing Internet news late at night when you are tired and all else in the home are in bed sleeping. Fatigue makes you vulnerable; it is a yellow zone.

GREEN. Green refers to the positive actions that keep us from vulnerability: A faithful life of abiding in Jesus, daily lingering in His Word and presence. Going to bed early. A regular exercise program. Weekly dates and consistent intimacy with your spouse. An accountability partner. A habit of transparency and bringing all things into the light.

We tend to think of confession as primarily focused on the red zone. The discipleship process helps us live in the green and bring confession to the yellow. By the Spirit’s help we are able not to live in the reds and we are able to bring the yellows into the light. When we meet with our accountability partner, we need to be confessing the things we do that put us in vulnerable positions.  Ultimately, as we mature and establish patterns of holiness, we even need to be confessing where we are not proactive in the green. Alan Johnson, a friend and colleague who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, tells of the reality of living in a sex-trade city. He points out that we need more than covenant eyes. We need covenant life: Our whole being (mind, body, soul) in the green, the proactive holiness of all things in the light, all things in love, all things in liberty.

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