I still have a lot to learn about trusting an unseen God and His unseen work.

One of the implications of serving Jesus overseas is being away from my incredibly cute, smart nieces and nephew. I’m missing out on much of their growing up, but we stay in touch.

Yesterday I got this email from my soon-to-be-10-year-old niece. It said, simply:

Try to look for a blue balloon because [her 5-year-old sister] accidentally let go of hers. Tell us if you see it. And it is a sky shade of blue.

My first thought: a sky shade of blue. That’s going to be tough to see.

Source: Creative Commons

Source: Creative Commons

Should I look anyway?

Should I pretend to find it?

Is it impossible? This balloon is the same color as the sky, after all.
(Nevermind that I’m 6,000 miles away).

The Lord spoke to me out of the profound simplicity of this moment:

Are you looking for Me even in places where you think it’s impossible to see Me?

In the overwhelmingly dark Arab world?
In the rush of daily activities?
In the waiting?
In moments of crushed hopes and dreams?

Am I looking for God in the unseen?
My trust in God deepened yesterday because I was asked to look for a sky-colored blue balloon.

Are you looking for God in the unseen?


by Annie*, a Live Dead Arab World missionary

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