READ: Esther 7-10, Psalm 149, Luke 16, Jude


Jesus knows how to protect us. Jesus protects us from the devil, from our enemies, and from ourselves.

Protected From the Devil. Jude reminds us to let God rebuke the devil (Jude 9). Some people today see demons under every bed, some see them not at all. We are called to navigate the two extremes–to recognize there is warfare at the unseen level but not to fall in love with the idea of being at war. When evil is marshaled against us by the enemy of our soul, we do not pompously rebuke him (the devil) or his minions (demons), for in our own strength they are stronger than us. When under attack, we stay in the shadow of the cross, we station ourselves under the prevailing blood, and we say: “Devil, you may be stronger than me, but you are much, much weaker than Jesus, so take your accusation to Him. He will rebuke you. He will justify me.”

Protected From Our Enemies. Esther and Mordecai learned that when the Lord rebukes the devourer, what seems like disaster is turned to triumph. “On the day that the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, the opposite occurred, in that the Jews themselves overpowered those who hated them” (Esther 9:1). Something within us should leap when we are sentenced to death, thrown into a prison, accused and slandered, resisted and opposed. The more dangerous and damaging the threat, the more excited we should become, for Jesus has the unparalleled ability to take certain doom and transform it to glorious triumph. Impossibilities should be our bread and butter. God is nowhere proved as glorious as when He snatches life and victory from the jaws of certain death. The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity for God’s glory.

Protected From Ourselves. Of all our enemies, the most insidious one lies within. It is our own sin that most often topples us. What agony we collectively experience when one of our own hoists themselves on their own petard as a result of foolish and fleshly choices. How prone we are to self-destruction. How few there are who finish well. Into this fear steps our wonderful Jesus who is able to keep us from stumbling and is able to present us faultless with exceeding joy (Jude 24). What tremendous hope this gives us. It is possible to run this race of faith without being destroyed by my own flesh within! Jesus is able to protect me from myself. Oh, thanks be to God our Savior. Glory, majesty, dominion, power, now, forever! Jesus is able to keep me from falling.

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