READ: 2 Chronicles 28-30, Psalm 136, Luke 3, 1 Peter 3 


Jesus has ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God with angels, authorities, and powers all subject to Him (1 Peter 3:22). It is on this authority (all things submitted to Jesus) that He asks us to be adorned by submission. Jesus, who fully submitted to the will of the Father and now submitted to by all things, has every right to ask us to submit without qualification.

Peter instructs wives to submit to their husbands (v. 1), even if some do not obey the Word. Peter goes on to teach that there is incorruptible beauty in a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious to God (v. 4). This precious beauty is not limited to women. Strong men are to have this incorruptible grace, too. There is little as masculine as a compassionate, tenderhearted, courteous, brother whose spirit is tender and gentle, quiet and firm (v. 8). A man secure in the mercy and kindness of God is a pillar of strength and the backbone of society. These giants are always subject to authority. The strongest men, the bravest and wisest women are those who have learned the secret of submission. Submission makes us strong; rebellion makes us weak.

Leaders rebel. Rebels are those who have insight, capacity, leadership skills, abilities, natural gifts, wisdom, and charisma, and refuse to submit those gifts to the governance of those in authority over them. Peter reminds us that this submission is not predicated on the worth of the leader above us. Often we will be asked to submit to those less able than ourselves in some arenas, but the point is not the person, their abilities, or their deficiencies–the point is whether or not we submit “even if.” We prove our strength by our submission. Rebellion only proves and reveals our weakness.

There is unquestioned order in the home. Man is the head of woman as God is the head of Christ. In the Godhead there is order within the union, headship within equality. The man is the head of the home and where this principle is violated all kinds of wounds emerge. The strong man however will be wise enough to know when to yield to the wisdom of his wife and even of his children. The wise woman will respect and submit to her husband, even if he is deficient in faith or conduct and thereby become increasingly beautiful. We get stronger the more we submit to the authority God has placed us under. We also get more beautiful.

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