READ: 1 Chronicles 25-27, Psalm 124, Mark 7, Hebrews 9


I feel the pull of addiction. When I awake my iPhone’s song seduces me as email sweetly calls. My computer embraces me and will not let me go. There is a compulsion in my being, a lust to answer email, a passion to rise and rush into the arms of my betrayer. Why do I not thus desire Jesus?

Why do we not awake with purified lust? Perverted sexual lust has become so rampant that we forget it is good to sing lustily and that desire is purified or sullied by its object, not by its intrinsic function. Why don’t we lust after God? If we have wanderlust, why can’t we have God-lust–men and women whose guide passion is the manifest presence of Jesus?

Mark 7:37 reminds us that Jesus does all things well. This includes His intentional design of desire. God made me to desire Him and my other lusts (fallen and foolish as they are) should not be compensated for or punished by a dry and lust-less pursuit of Jesus. For Jesus is worthy of my desire!

If we do not desire Jesus, we cannot expect Muslims to hunger for Him. If we do not desire Jesus, why should Arab (or any) peoples forsake their abusive lovers for Him? If Jesus is not the desire of His church, how can we possibly believe that He will be the desire of nations.

Desire cannot be manufactured, and when we try, it leads to all kinds of demonic legalism. Desire for Jesus has to be granted. Jesus empowers us to desire Him. It is enough for Jesus that we desire to desire Him. In His great mercy, when Jesus hears one of His children humbly asking for a heart to desire, He is satisfied and grants us that heavenly spark. I know what it is to lust. All men and women have felt the surge of desire for that which will ultimately betray them. Jesus wants to grant us God-lust: a fire in our souls to DESIRE Him, Him alone, and more of Him. Jesus delights to answer the desperate plea to desire Him as He knows God-lust fulfilled is beautiful, satisfying, and life-giving.

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