READ: 1 Chronicles 22-24, Psalm 123, Mark 6, Hebrews 8


The man after God’s own heart was not allowed to build the temple for he had too much blood on his hands. Nonplussed, David in effect said, “If I can’t see it, I will make sure my sons can!” And David went about assembling unfathomable resources for Solomon and those that would follow. First Chronicles 22:5 tells us that “David made abundant preparations before his death.” The generous (and wise) steward cares primarily for what his descendants will experience.

David’s greatest legacy, however, was not silver, gold, cedar, and carved stone. First Chronicles 23:5 tells us that David made 4,000 instruments for giving praise. He instructed some of the Levites “to stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord, and likewise at evening” (v. 30). Long after David died, his prepared instruments aided worshipers to magnify the Lord. Three thousand years later we still sing David’s songs and have not been able to improve on the simple depth of their content. David prepared worship for me! Long after the temple was destroyed and the golden utensils melted down in Babylon, David’s praise echoes from every corner of earth.

I can best prepare for death by aiding worshipers who will outlive me. This starts with my sons. The best legacy I can leave them is the knowledge, capacity, and desire to praise the Lord. Who knows what the saints can see from heaven, but if the praise of my boys from earth is mingled with mine from around the throne, my soul shall be satisfied. But I am not satisfied if that praise only comes from my biological progeny. My hope and God’s intention is that each one of us leave a legion of praisers behind us.

Praise does not die with the decay of this earthly temple. When we receive our glorified bodies, our hands will be raised without flagging and our tongues lifted without ceasing in magnifying the Lord. If we have prepared well, those that endure on earth will also praise and they will hail from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation. There is no better way to prepare to die then spending every resource in equipping all peoples to praise Jesus.

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