My selfish ambition sets sail
Down the hidden rivers of rebellion in my heart,
Secret tunnels obscure things not yet ready to reveal.

I’ve come this far,
given you most.

Why can’t You be satisfied with that?

No, all is what you want.

And every atom of my being is restless,
Silent tantrums heard only by You swallow my energy.

The war for my heart–all my heart–
is one you won’t relent.
But I don’t give up easily.
Logic says I’m Yours anyway
But You ask that I should offer,
voluntarily surrender
Even those things, Lord? That too?

I willfully give you…

All? Must You really require all?

I fall to my knees in humble–exhausted–surrender

Tell me again: What great thing was I fighting so valiantly for?

Ah. My heart.

[Our souls are restless until they find rest in You.]

*Written by a Live Dead Arab World missionary

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