READ: 2 Samuel 16-18, Psalm 96, Matthew 7, 1 Thessalonians 3


When Jesus is the source of our affections, we are convinced that He is worthy of all things. He is worthy of our lives, worthy of our deaths, worthy of hopes, worthy of our worship. Jesus is worth dying for. Jesus is worth suffering for. We should not be shaken by our sufferings and trials for we were appointed to glorify Jesus in them (1 Thess. 3:3). We are appointed to worship Jesus in all things.

Constant Worship. (Psalm 96:2) The good news of God’s salvation is to be proclaimed from day to day. We worship by lifting our voices in lands of oppression and magnifying the Lord. We worship by verbally declaring that Jesus is God in the teeth of ideologies that angrily and actively oppose Him. We must constantly lift our voice and declare the worth of Jesus through worship. But worship is not just devotional. Worship is evangelistic. We worship day by day when we witness. When Jesus is so important to us that we are constantly telling others how wonderful He is, this, too, is worship.

Global Worship. (Psalm 96:3,7,10) The glory of God is to be proclaimed among the nations. Families of peoples are to give to the Lord glory and strength. We are to say among the nations “the Lord Reigns.” The people of God by the Spirit of God are to proclaim the Word of God everywhere among all ethno linguistic peoples. The goal of history is the global worship of Jesus by every tongue and tribe. A central goal of the worshiper is to work towards every known tongue being well represented around the eternal throne. Our local worship will only be complete when Jesus is globally worshipped as God.

Holy Worship. (Psalm 96:9) The beauty of holiness is both a place and a condition. Post-Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was unleashed on the world. The rent veil did not so much allow the nations to rush into a tiny physical space as much as it symbolized the release of the Spirit (in movable temples) throughout the world. The Spirit of God is holy, and God’s moveable temples are intended to be holy. When we worship from a condition of holiness, it is a beauty that man recognizes and God endorses. No man or woman is perfect, but when all habitual sin is forsaken and repented of, when there is nothing between fellow man or mighty God when we stand to extol Him, there is a special beauty that pleases God and nourishes man.

We are appointed to worship. We were created to worship, all the time, everywhere. When our worship leads to affliction, then let affliction magnify our worship. Let not affliction silence us or sully our praise; let affliction be the instrument to broadcast the worth of Jesus in all things.

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